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The Secret Throne of St. Huller

Stephan Huller published his book The Real Messiah: The Throne of St. Mark and the True Origins of Christianity. It has a courageous argument.

Highly controversial but impeccably researched, The Real Messiah explodes the myth that Jesus was the long-prophesied Messiah of the Jewish nation. Indeed, it argues that Jesus never claimed that role but thought of himself as herald to the true Messiah: Marcus Julius Agrippa, the last King of the Jews and Jesus’ contemporary. It was he who truly founded what became known as Christianity, and wanted to build a faith to which anyone could aspire. Though Marcus Agrippa was initially successful, with the passing of time those in charge of the new faith capitulated to the whims of successive Roman Emperors and centered their religion on Jesus instead.

DHH’s readers would all agree that this is an original interpretation.

That’s not all! Stephan Huller has given one of the most important insights into the ‘Son of Man’ problem. Is it irresolvable? By the throne of St. Mark it isn’t!

Iesous WASN’T talking about himself when using the term ‘Son of Man.’ Indeed even my three year old son stopped referring to himself in the third person a while back

Not content with turning Gospel scholarship on its head, Huller is also a provocative gender analyst and gerontologist.

There were a bunch of things about this email that struck me as strange. First of all the use of the words ‘rude’ and ‘mendacious’ are common to Stephanie’s posts – “… is grossly rude to me, and mendacious as well.”

Do men really take exception to ‘rudeness’? That’s something women concern themselves with. It’s unmanly to complain about another man being ‘rude’ to you.

I also think that this line viz. “… the pathetic notion that scholars are trying to prevent the discussion of work on Morton Smith” doesn’t sound like a sixty year old man either. This sounds much more like ‘steph’ again.

And to top it all off ‘Casey’ is so worried that I won’t believe that it is really ‘him’ (the email account was entirely generic) that ‘he’ sent me copies of almost all of these letters from his ‘university account’

You can’t imagine how bizarre this whole episode was. The deluge of emails seemed un-manly. I told him I would take down the comments. There was nothing embarrassing about these comments. Why was I getting messages almost every five minutes at one point – very reminiscent of a hysterical woman.

I wonder if any of these comments were actually from Casey, even the original email. More to follow. I would be happy to hear any theories from anyone out there.

If the real Professor Casey really wants me to take these down please call me. I sent an email with my phone number. If you can’t afford the long distance send me your phone number and I will call you. Your girlfriend is bad news.

To keep thee from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman Psalm 6:24

DHH knew how Stephan Huller feels when the late Guild of Biblical Minimalists claimed to be a “man”. Imagine the horror when we called their phone number late one night only to discover they were an unmanly, hysterical woman with a flattering tongue.

Stephan Huller has also been instrumental in exposing the Protocols of the Elders of Mar Saba, a Carlson-inspired conspiracy to hinder discussion about that rarely discussed document, Secret Mark. Like Robert Langton, Stephan Huller has unmasked the truth but with even greater personal cost.

I don’t know what to do. I never wanted to be a Biblical scholar. I typically hate Biblical scholars. I hate people that want to be Biblical scholars. I hate hypocrites, I hate flatterers and I hate sycophants.

So I am in a dilemma.

I have an expose on what it takes to ahead in scholarship. It would make me feel better about my plight as an ignored scholar. It would temporarily allow me to get revenge for all the inequities and injustices I see is at work in the field.

Nevertheless, call me old fashioned but I can’t turn down the request of a learned man whose work influenced me and countless others. It would be like Albert Einstein asking me to help him up the stairs and ignoring his pleas.

As such I will take down two posts at my blog. You don’t know difficult this was for me.

DHH feels your pain.

Why am I doing this? Is it because I am starting to lose my ideals? Yeah, maybe that it. There might have been a time once upon a time when I thought that I could change the world. Now I am inclined to believe that the whole world is a cesspool and maybe it was meant to be a cesspool from the very beginning, from the highest authority in the universe.

Maybe He wants me to let the world sink into degeneracy, to allow for individuals advance the ranks through flattery and ass kissing.

Maybe I have just recognized that my ideas just aren’t meant to change the world.

Maybe I should just let them win.

Maybe there’s no point trying to resist the tide of history.

Please don’t give up! Just think of other great minds who fought injustice! The Martin Luther Kings, the Nelson Mandelas, how they must have agonized likewise!

But you know what, the words in his email that keep ringing in my ears are his accusation against my integrity as a scholar – ‘Why have you no interest in telling the truth?’

Yeah, that’s right. I have no interest in the truth. You are the truth teller, is that it? Why then do you have such issues with me telling the truth and keeping up those posts and those comments?

It reminds me of those words I read somewhere that “not all true things are the truth, nor should that truth which merely seems true according to human opinions be preferred to the true truth, that according to the faith.”

We aren’t supposed to take an interest in any of those words because they are fake, because they weren’t really written by Clement of Alexandria but Morton Smith. After all some young doctoral student set up a phony argument using low resolution photos which convinced the world that it was all a fraud.

But then again, I have ‘no interest in telling the truth.’ I am just some second rate author with mental retardation, barking up a strange tree. I have this crazy idea that the only person who matters in the understanding of the gospel is the guy that wrote the text.

Of course, I developed this ignored theory I promote because of my inherent ‘mendaciousness.’ The real way to prove my service to ‘truth’ is to try and advance the ideas and traditions associated with a sugar daddy in academia.

That’s how truthful people work I guess.

Thank you Professor X for convincing me that it is all one big cesspool – but a cesspool in which people like you can pontificate about what reprobates people like me are for not being willing to play the game – playing the game, in which you sit on top of the hill as some deified God I might add.

I will press on with this blog. I will continue to write my books. But you have convinced me for the first time in my life that I will ultimately fail.

I just don’t know how ‘to play the game.’

Sometimes I think I just arrived at the party of late or maybe I just wasn’t good enough at attracting sugar daddies …

DHH knows exactly how you feel.

But what’s this? Only the news that Huller is becoming a major threat to the former Biblioblog Top 50!

Believe it or not I am now officially one of the top 100 bloggers on the Bible in the world

DHH salutes you Stephan Huller. Truly this man is the Marcus Julius Agrippa of biblioblogdom!


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