Another Gem From Hudson

13/07/2009 at 14:19 1 comment

Found on Crossley’s Blog-

Geoff Hudson said…
The Lord comes at harvest time (Succoth or Booths).

Mark – 12:3,4,5 – I have no doubt that the prophet had certain individuals in mind who had been persecuted.

12.6 – “He had one left to send, a son, whom he loved” is interpolation. 12.6 should be: “He came himself last of all, saying, ‘They will respect me’.”

Thus it was the owner who came last of all.

12.7,8 – “But the tenants said to one another, ‘This is the owner. Come let’s REJECT him, and the vineyard will be ours.’ So they REJECTED him, and threw him out of the vineyard.”

12.9 – “what then will the OWNER of the vineyard do? He will come and give the vineyard to others.”

The vineyard would be taken from the priests and given to the prophets.

12.10 – “Haven’t you read this this scripture: ‘The stone the builders REJECTED has become the capstone’.”

The altar for sacrificing animals had been sealed by the Spirit of God.


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