Pedantic Dilettantism

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At ETC we have the joy of reading

I realize blogs are not intended to simulate a scholarly article, but I would recommend to those who initiate posts out here to make sure their brief posts are first proofread before posting for public consumption.

This particular post by Dr. Williams has several errors and shows it was not proofed before posting. But keep reading….

I make the same mistakes (we all do) Dr. Williams made in this post. If, for example, Dr. Williams had sent this post first to Dr. So and So, and Dr. So and So gave it a quick proofread, I think the post would reflect a little better scholarship than many other posts. And I believe the reading audience would be thankful for this quick ‘behind the scenes’ proofing. Of course, I could be wrong. Am I asking too much for a blog site? If so, kindly disregard this request, and any typos or misspellings I have made since I don’t have a proofreader to help :O)

For pedantry above and beyond the call of duty, we dub thee sir Dilettante!


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