The Old Testament Proven True By Archaeology?

12/06/2009 at 03:43 1 comment

This comment on Biblia Hebraica deserves special mention for its dilettantish point of view.

It concerns, as the astute reader will notice, Mangum’s review of Finkelstein / Silberman-

Respectfully, I can’t agree at all with the revisionist thesis of this book. Carefully (painfully) researched books like Edwin Thiele’s Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings contains a wealth of evidence as to just how historically accurate the Hebrew Scriptures are. There is so much recent historical and archaeological evidence now for the historicity of the Hebrew Bible, that it is painful to see another attempt to rewrite Bible history.

Perhaps he really meant to say ‘painful books like Thiele’s…’ but there’s no way to know. Nevertheless, his assertion that there is evidence for the historicity of the Hebrew Bible betrays his dilettantism and earns him a place here, at the HobbyHorse.


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Another Gem From Geoff, With a Fine Rejoinder Rey: Dilettante of the Day

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  • 1. Scott Ferguson  |  12/06/2009 at 16:12

    Just as I thought:

    “Perry Ennis, the author of ‘Prepare for the Coming of Messiah’ has embarked on a promotional campaign to share the good news of Christ and the gift of salvation.With the help of Premium Promotional Services he is gaining a massive amount of buzz, exposure and lasting connections with friends and fellow authors.”

    This is spam. Are you guys really going to make penis jokes over every two-bit preacher who hires a publicist to post in the comments of your blogs? You are going to be very busy.


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