Another Gem From Geoff, With a Fine Rejoinder

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The increasingly unstable Geoff Hudson writes on April’s blog

Robert Oerter wrote:

“The best evidence that Paul was a real person comes from the letters themselves. Some of “Paul’s” letters in the New Testament may have been forged – we already saw that later Christians wrote letters in his name. Yet even if all the letters are forgeries they still testify to Paul’s existence, for who would forge a letter from someone completely unknown? In fact, the scholarly consensus is that at least seven of the New Testament epistles are authentic, namely, Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, and Philemon. These seven share a consistent style, vocabulary, and outlook that leaves little doubt that they were written by the same man.”

They have been edited by the same man, but later than the period they cover. Hence no-one would have had any recollection of a “Paul”. Robert Oerter cannot see that Paul is a person without beginning of days nor end of time. He never existed. He was son of nobody.

He also cannot see Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, and Galations etc. as edited documents which incorporated the pauline mission to Gentiles – a fabrication.

‘Galations’?  If Mr Hudson fancies himself a supposedly learned person, why would he make such an amatureish, dilettantish error?  In any event, the rejoinder by ‘pascal’ is spot on:


You have posted here on the Forbidden Gospels blog at length about observations made by Robert Oerter on Robert Oerter’s website.

That is profoundly discourteous to April, as well as being profoundly discourteous to the rest of us who are trying to engage with, and learn from, what April has to say.

These topics aren’t easy, and exchanges with our fellow posters can help to clarify them.

But not many people can bring themselves to scroll through your endless diatribes in the hope of getting to a rational comment made by someone who isn’t an obsessive conspiracy theorist.

it’s at times like this when I long for the joys of a functioning killfile…

Yes, we concur.  A killfile is just what is needed in Hudson’s case (but, as we have seen, and continue to see, he is not alone).


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