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22/03/2009 at 16:49 1 comment

On Jim West’s blog, Joe Zias provides a reference to what looks like a positive goldmine of Hudsonianism on the ASOR blog. GH has more comments than the stars in the sky and the debating partner has obviously been Hudsoned for the very first time. Not even DHH can serve up all GH’s comments on this one but readers might enjoy the following pearl:

The seige of Masada lasted two or three days.

The priests had lost their “chain of tradition” in 66 when Nero partially destroyed the temple, but left the sanctuary standing.

Titus recovered the wealth of the sanctuary four or five years later, then destroyed the sanctuary, purely for the benefit of Vespasian’s rise to power. There was no war then. Simply a small skirmish with the resident prophets of the sanctuary – there was a small number of prisoners in Vespasian’s triumph including Simon who was probably the son of Judas.

The Romans didn’t want the priests to rise again.

The Rabbis had to credit Titus with the destruction and the expulsion of Jews.

Some priests now out of a job, helped the Flavian authors rewrite Josephus and the NT. In effect, the priests became the masters of the Church.


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  • 1. Geoff Hudson  |  27/03/2009 at 09:42

    Where you will find one Eldad. Sent to confuse. I wonder who he is.


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